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From The Desk of a Professional Public Speaker: Dale Mercer
Re: Step Up and Speak, Speaking Secrets - Finally Released

I'm writing this today because I don't want you to suffer anymore through the anxiety of preparing and delivering your presentations again. In fact, I want you to get excited about the prospect of becoming an excellent public speaker. WHY?

Because believe it or not, I used to be a terrible public speaker. If fact, it all started in 1st grade school. Look back over my report cards in school and they all say the same thing; "Dale lacks confidence in presenting to his schoolmates"; "Dale is a nervous child"...the list goes on.

So, to be on stage in front of an audience is kind of ironic. The reason I tell you the above is I don't want you to think that you can't become an excellent public speaker, because you can and I'll prove it to you. Afterall, I've had the sleepless nights and trial and tribulations associated with just the thought of presenting, but I promise you that it doesn't have to be this way.
Just read on to find out more...


The truth is, you don't EVER have to suffer in front of a group. The good news is - you can present... the problem is most don't know HOW. (Keep reading to find out how you can speak with ease and LOVE the process...)

...I recommend Step Up and Speak whether they be a starting out speaker, or an accomplished speaker...
Wez Hone
Business Coach



G' Day Dale...
it's Wez Hone here,

I just thought I'd let you know that I listened to your program and I LOVED IT!

I just wanted to send you a video to let you know some of things that have happened since watching your videos and listening to your audio program. You don't know me but I'm actually a business coach; I've done allot of speaking over the years. I've maybe 150-170 presentations on the subject of business and never had any formal training. But someone told me about your program so I got it and I LOVE IT!

What I have managed to learn in the ability to use diction enunciation and actually structure my presentations so they flow a little bit better rather than just off the cuff.

And you wouldn't believe it but I've actually created my own audio program with what I've learn't from your 'Step Up and Speak' program.

So, thanks Dale, it been phenomenal to learn the process to actually lay that as a track and become a better speaker.

I recommend Step Up and Speak to anybody whether they be a starting out speaker or an accomplished speaker and they speak on the circuit because what it does is it refines you. It cuts those dodgy edges off your presentation skills and refines you as a speaker.

Whether you're new or experienced, you'll learn allot from Dale's 'Step Up and Speak' program to refine you as a speaker.

Dale, just wanted to let you know; mate I love it; I recommend it to everybody. And if you have anyone who wants to talk to me, just send them through.

Wez Hone

Action Business Coach


...these methods have DEFINITELY increased my presentation skills tremendously...

Tammy Laudau

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to tell you that I just finished your course -
"Step Up & Speak - The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Prepare and Present Winning Presentations". I have really have to say; WOW!

I thought I knew alot about speaking since I'm a professional speaker and business coach, but I've learned so much since going through your program. I LOVED the secret which is one of my favorites in Session 5 about using more power words in my presentations and I'm putting that to use right away.

And I'm also really excited about using the 'Chunking Method'. You'd think I'd know about this by know being a seasoned professional...but I didn't and I need help with extemporaneous speaking. So I'm using the method that you go into great detail in session 10 right away.

I've spoken to small groups; I've spoken to auditorium sized venues and this method will definitely increase my presentation skills tremendously.

So, I wanted to tell you thank you so much, especially sharing your step-by-step blueprint. It makes all of the content you give so easy to digest and implement. And your program helped me to become a better speaker just be implementing, many, many of these ideas.

I think it will help anyone to give better presentations whether they're are new to the speaking arena or they are a seasoned veteran like me. So, I have to honestly say...YOU'RE NOT CHARGING ENOUGH:-)!

I thought you gave tremendously value for the investment. Thank you so much!

Tammy Laudau

If 9 Out Of 10 People Are Not Buying Your Products, Ideas And Concepts...It's You're Fault And It's Costing You BIG Time!

Is This You...?

* Do you feel ineffective as a presenter?

- Are you sick with nervousness and anxiety about speaking to a group?

- Do you fear that you'll forget what you're saying and lose your audience?

Have you sat staring at your BLANK computer screen wondering 'where' to start and 'what' to write?

- Are you wasting valuable time trying to prepare a speech
only to get nowhere?

- Do you find yourself presenting with dry mouth or gasping for breath while you speak?

- Do you feel like you're not making sense when you speak?

If you've answered yes, then know's costing YOU...BIG TIME!

...Watch How One Network Marketer was able to use my system for excellent video and in-person presentations...

Gavin Mountford

Hi Dale,


I just thought I'd drop you a quick video email because I wanted to say thank you very much for your excellent Step Up and Speak audio and video series which I was lucky enough to get hold of.

And since doing the course, my video and presentation skills are getting much, much better. Most of my work is doing presentation skills for the web and since taking your course, I've noticed that people are leaving comments on my blog and on my videos saying how much my presentation skills have improved.

What they don't know is I have been working my way slowly through your course over the last few months and I have been incorporating many of the ideas into my presentations.

In the past, I've always lacked confidence when speaking; either to a live audience or to a video camera, but I can feel that my confidence is growing now and I don't have to worry as much before the presentations.

I actually enjoyed the whole of the Step Up and Speak course and I find myself referring back to it fairly often.

There is a couple of things I personally found really useful; which I guess I should have been using all along.

The first one was: How to prepare and how to create an outline for my speech. And the other was how to keep the audience attention for longer through using hand gestures, using props and changing my voice tone and speed.

So, thanks again Dale...keep up the great work and hopefully one day I will be speaking on stage with you.

Gavin Mountford

I Can Teach YOU Step-By-Step The Same Exact Proven Methods I Use To Speak And Present With Power, Influence And Charisma To
Get What You Want...

Think for a Moment...

- What could speak in public without the fear of forgetting your thoughts?

- What if... you could present and know exactly how to keep your audience's attention
the whole time you're speaking?

- What could finish your presentation knowing that you absolutely nailed it!
(and WANT to do it again)

- What if...I showed you exactly how to use mental triggers to persuade your audience to your ideas!

I can! I've show others how; and I can show you too...whether you're a corporate executive,
a minister, a college student, or an entrepreneur who needs to communicate your message,
my system will catapult you into presentation success. I'm about to introduce you to
a step-by-step system you've always wished for.

You don't have to worry anymore because this system has been created with you in mind.
I teach the steps to solve this issue that you and thousands of people around the world are experiencing.

There is no reason for you to experience the stress and anguish that you're going through.

Step Up and Speak - The Step-by-Step Blueprint
to Prepare & Present Winning Presentations

"Discover How Two College Students Use The System for Their Assignments and Business"

The Step Up and Speak System was inspirational and made me believe in myself that...
"I can do it!" Dale taught me how to prepare the right way. Even though I prepared my speech with notes, I didn't have to refer to them which made me more natural to my audience.

Step Up and Speak gave me the awareness of what to focus on when preparing and presenting my speeches. I found every session had points that were useful in making my talks more interesting and exciting for my listeners. I've also learnt how to make in fun for myself and how it doesn't have to be difficult.

I discover how to take my audience into consideration and how to make it interesting for them. You explained the questions I had and I got it. I WANT TO WRITE ANOTHER SPEECH!:-)

Dale took away the fear of speaking because I knew how to prepare step-by-step.
I didn't need my notes because I was prepared and practiced.

I highly recommend everyone get Step Up and Speak before their next presentation!

Claire and Suzanna
Gold Coast - Australia

Performance Coach and Speaker Anthony Robbins said,

"Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."

Here's A Taste of What You're About To
Discover In The Step Up and Speak Speaking System

  • Why Previous Speaking Setbacks Are Your Friends. (Session 1)

  • Discover my Fool-Proof 3 Step method for creating presentation outlines. (Session 2)

  • How to prepare, literally on the run so you never have writers block. A HUGE
    time saving tip.
    (Session 2)

  • Discover the 3 VITAL Questions you absolutely MUST ask before adding information to your presentation. (Session 2)

  • Find out the giant mistake speakers make when concluding their presentation.
    (Session 2)

  • Learn the double barrel method for getting your thoughts out of your head and into your presentation.
    (Session 2)

  • The secrets methods to keeping your audience attention focused so they're
    NEVER bored.
    (Session 3)

  • Discover why you don't have to be a natural born storyteller to tell powerful stories. (Session 3)

  • How to think of powerful analogies and stories in an easy and simple way. (Session 4)

  • Discover the secrets of legally borrowing other people's stories for your presentations.
    (Session 4)

  • How to easily use POWER words that move your listeners to action. (Session 5)

  • The little secret for finding emotional POWER words in seconds...yes I said seconds!
    (Session 5)

  • Discover how the sound of your voice could be destroying your presentation...and
    what you can do about it TODAY.
    (Session 7)

  • How to develop more feeling, emotion and enthusiasm in 3 easy steps.(Session 7)

  • What kind of gestures you must avoid and the ones you should use to add more
    energy and power to your voice.
    (Session 8)

  • The secrets of correct repetition. How to use it so your audience remembers more of what you say.
    (Session 9)

  • Discover how to speak easily with little or no notes so you can connect with your audience
    like a pro.
    (Session 9)

  • Find out my 4 methods for EFFECTIVE practice and how most do it completely wrong.
    (Session 11)

  • Discover the quick and free online tools I use to research the interest level of your
    topic before you begin.
    (Bonus Video Session Two)

  • Learn the step-by-step methods of powerful mental triggers that persuade people to act.
    (Bonus Video Session One)

Wow! All That In A Complete
Step-by-Step System? YES!

A Collection of Easy to Listen to Audio and Video Sessions that "Take You By The Hand" and Show You Exactly How To Prepare and Create Your Presentation from A-Z!

Your First Session Will Begin TODAY!

Step Up and Speak - Speaking Secrets
is a complete step-by-step system split into
two distinctive parts.

Part One: Preparation Techniques
(5 Complete Step-by-Step Sessions)

Session One: The Starting Point of all Great Speakers (MP3 Audio)
- Here you will discover the 8 Elements that make communicators extraordinary -

PRESS Play Below to Listen to the First 5 Minutes
of Session One

Please Note: Sound Quality is Reduced for the Web. The MP3 Audios are High Quality and Fully Downloadable for CD and IPod.

Session Two: How to Mentally Prepare, Create and Use an Outline (MP3 Audio)
- One of the greatest challenges new and even not-so-new speakers and presenters face,
is 'where to start'. Many become so overwhelmed at the thought of presenting that all logical and creative thought goes out the window.

If you are new to the world of public speaking and presenting
then this session is for you.

I will show you how to easily collect and organize your information so it makes
sense to you and your audience.

Session Three: How to Undeniably Keep Your Audience Attention (Quicktime Video)

- In this Video lesson, you'll discover the listening patterns of your audience and how to keep them flying with you the WHOLE time you're presenting.

When you know how people listen, you'll know exactly how to prepare your material and deliver your presentation.

Session Four: Using Illustrations and Stories for Teaching and Impact (MP3 Audio)
- Unleash the power of illustrations, metaphors and stories. They are SO easy to use and I will show
you how to find them quickly and easily. I'll show you how to use them so your listeners are eating
out of the palm of your hand.

Session Five: Unleash the Power of Words (MP3 Audio)
- Discover how words are a powerful form of communication that has the ability to effect people
so they feel the way you want them to. Use words to persuade and move your listener emotionally.
I'll show you my secret for finding POWER words you can use in literally seconds!

Part Two:
Speaking Techniques (6 Complete Step-by-Step Sessions)

Session Six: How to Develop Voice Quality (Breathing and Airflow)
(MP3 Audio)

- You'll discover about the power of Congruent Communication. It's vital that you produce the
right sound when you speak because how you sound to your audience influences their
perception of you and your message.

Session Seven: How to Speak with Feeling, Influence and Clarity (MP3 Audio)
-This lesson will be about the mechanics of effective speech. Discover how to easily add life
and juice to your presentation that will stir emotion and motivate your listeners to action.
I'll teach you my 3-Step Secret to making your presentation sound more powerful and influential.

Session Eight: Using Gestures for Visual and Emotional Impact (Quicktime Video)
- In this video you'll learn what gestures you MUST avoid so as not to offend your listeners.
How you can develop natural looking gestures that is appropriate to your material.

Session Nine: Repetition for Impact - The Powerful Formula of Three
(MP3 Audio)

- How you can use repetition correctly so your listeners remember you long after the presentation is over. Discover the powerful formula of three. Use it otherwise they won't remember your speech!

Session Ten: How to Speak Extemporaneously - with Little of no Notes
(MP3 Audio)

The Secrets to presenting like a pro! A simple trick to recall ideas rather than words so you
will motivate your audience. You'll learn how to become much more flexible and think
on your feet.

Session Eleven: Practice Makes Confident - How to Practice Your
Talk for Maximum Impact

- Discover how most presenters practice sessions are completely wrong and how they
set themselves up for forgetting their material. I'll share with you a time saving tool so you can
practice on the run.

Full Color Downloadable Action Workbook:

The Step Up and Speak Action Workbook is a full color printable book which is worth it's weight in gold.

You will find yourself constantly referring back to the 'How-To Sections' and the end of each lesson as a reminder of how to do a certain aspect of presentations.

It contains optional step-by-step exercises you can do during or after each session.

Now, I realize that you might be skeptical. You might even be saying to yourself...

"Dale, This Looks Great,
But Are You Sure This Will Work For Me?

Absolutely! All you have to do is follow along with the step-by-step instructions I give you and follow the exercises in workbook and you'll be ready and confident in no time at all.

"The Step Up and Speak! is a powerful interactive e-course that combines the art and science of delivering the
winning speech and presentation..."

The idea of speaking in public has always been a dreadful calling to me. The problem is so real that in fact even the so-called accomplished presenters often find themselves falling short of delivering their best performance, where public speaking is concerned. Now here comes the cavalry.

Step Up and Speak! is a powerful interactive e-course that combines the art and science of delivering the winning speech and presentation.

All the key elements in the course are structured so well and smooth that you will realize you're already at full speed even before you know it.

In short, everything is packaged together in a silver platter, ready to blow you away. What I appreciate most about this program is that it is not merely a plain educational program, but Dale went great length to empower myself and start discovering the real talent hidden somewhere inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

Regardless of your field, level, or which continent you come from, if you dare to experience life changing experience, come on board, get acquainted with Dale, and secure your copy of Step Up and Speak! NOW!

Zul Musa


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"How to Speak and Present with Persuasion"
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- In this Amazing Camtasia Video You'll Discover -

* What the difference is between Persuasion and Manipulation and why you should never manipulate.

* How you can easily use little known "Mental Triggers" that can influence people to your ideas...even if you don't feel that confident.

* Discover what triggers persuade people to get on board with your ideas, solutions and suggestions.

* You'll discover that persuasion creates a WIN - WIN situation with clients,
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These videos have never been released to the public by me...until now! And the best thing is, this is simple and easy to remember and implement.

"How to Research and Select Winning
Speech Topics Online"(Valued at $57.00)


You'll look over my shoulder as I go online and show you where to research speech topics.

* In this video you'll discover:

* The online tools to find out the level of interest in your topic. (This is a HUGE time saver)

* I will even show you how to research speech topics for your own country...
even your own city.

* What topics never go out of style and how to find material on those topics.

This screen-capture video with voice over allows you to "watch over my shoulder" as I surf online and show you some amazing easy-to-use tools that will make it simple to select your topics (if you don't have one) OR find an audience for your presentation.

"The Art of Public Speaking - Digital Version Book"
(Valued at $29.00)

by Dale Carnegie and Foreword
by Dale Mercer

The Complete 425 page Classic.

DALE CARNEGIE (1888-1955), a pioneer in public speaking and personality development, gained fame by teaching others how to become successful.

His book How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) has sold more than 10 million copies.
He also founded the Dale Carnegie Institute for Effective Speaking and Human Relations, with branches all over the world.


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Step Up and Speak - Speaking Secrets

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To add to that, especially, when you have someone right in front of you who has taken the time to lay it all out for you in a complete step-by-step format which is ready for you right now.

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Which is it?

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Dale R Mercer

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